Flood Damage & Restoration

In the UK alone, up to £200 billion worth of assets and property is at risk from flood damage, which can impact buildings for years after flooding. To help speed up the treatment process after waters have receded, we produce heaters which, when used in conjunction with dehumidifiers, can be used to evaporate moisture within buildings and dry the area. Contact us to learn about heating restoration equipment.

GRP Pipework & Construction

There is an estimated 3.5 million kilometres of pipework in the world. Laid end to end, that’s enough pipe to go to the moon and back almost five times! These pipes can transport oil, gas, water and even beer! Some of these are made from a material called GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic). The joins in GRP pipe are often ‘glued’ together. Holroyd supply heaters that are used to cure the adhesive in these joins during construction.

Panel Heating

Our silicone heaters are used within panel heaters. These heating panels are usually ceiling or wall mounted but have also been used in skirting boards and are used in the construction of various types of buildings. Invest in construction heating equipment from Holroyd Components.

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