Medical Science

Pharmaceutical Drug Production 

Mass production of pharmaceutical drugs are critical to all healthcare systems and range from widely available drugs used for pain relief, to more specialist types such as those used in chemotherapy. We supply a range of components integral throughout these processes. 

COVID-19 Vaccinations

The work we do at Holroyd Components is 'Essential to life', with our products going into thousands of applications, across the globe, in every industry. However, it has never been more true than now, with our industrial heaters in machinery producing the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. We are proud to be a part of the herculean effort to end the pandemic through the vaccine rollout.  

Cell Culturing 

The process of growing cells outside of their natural environment in a laboratory setting is used widely throughout the medical science industry, including in diagnostics and drug manufacturing. Certain cell types require very specific conditions for optimal growth, and temperature plays a vital role, in this, which is why our machine heaters are used to regulate the environments in which the cells grow. 

Tissue Sampling 

Tissue samples are taken as part of the process in diagnosing certain types of disease, often known as a ‘biopsy’. Many global institutions maintain ‘tissue banks’, storing vast amounts of material for analysis, all of which has to be stored in a perfectly temperature controlled environment to preserve the integrity of the sample. Our heaters are fitted into these machines to maintain the temperature.  

Medical and Lab Equipment

Medical and lab equipment is another example where small thin heating elements can be of value. They can be wrapped around or attached to the surface of the container to be heated. Their uniform heating and watt density can ensure that the laboratory device maintains a consistent temperature throughout the vessel being heated.

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